Snorkeling Excursions

Pure Simple Fun

Come join our snorkeling excursions around Malta Gozo and Comino. Our staff will guide you to the underwater beauty of the Maltese waters. Even if you have very limited or no experience about snorkeling you can still join our excursions.

You don’t need to worry about equipment and transport because we will take care of everything. In all excursions the rental of equipment and hotel transport is provided as part of the service.

With every trip our instructor will explain all the various aspects and procedures so that everybody can enjoy in total comfort and safety. The sites we visit are always very shallow and safe with clear water and lots to see such as Octopus, Cuttlefish and all the little reef fish that live in warm coastal waters.

Discover Snorkeling in Malta

We offer a variety of excursions in all three Islands. The excursions vary in the duration of the trip and cost apart the obvious fact that every trip offers a different and unique location. View our interactive map to view the locations we visit.

These excursions are also a very good way how to combine sightseeing around the Maltese Islands and visit places which you could not have seen otherwise especially if your time in Malta is limited.