Frequently asked questions about snorkeling in Malta

Here are some common questions that you might have regarding snorkeling and other general information about the Maltese Islands. However if you still have some unanswered queries just contact us and we’ll get back to you swiftly with all the information.

1. Are the snorkeling excursions open to any age group ?

Yes, even from a very young age children are encouraged to explore and start looking at what lies below the surface of the water.

2. How many persons are in a group ?

The number of persons in each group varies depending on the kind of excursion. No matter what however we will make sure that there will be enough guides and instructors need to provide an individual attention at any moment during the activity.

3. Are the excursions available only for groups ?

No, excursions can also be personalized and do not require any minimum numbers to apply.

4. Which is the best site for snorkeling ?

Well, there are quite a few however the most popular one is by far Comino and the Blue lagoon.

5. What can I see ?

You will be ale to admire a whole variety of fish and other inhabitants living around the shallow reefs busy with life and activity. It is not uncommon to spot Octopus, Cuttlefish or little Moray eels while they try to blend in with their surrounding however due their very effective camouflage you need to have a sharp eye to be able to spot them.

6. Do I have to be an experienced swimmer ?

No, even if you are not an experienced swimmer we will provide floatation devices to help you feel more comfortable and our instructors will always have a vigilant eye on all everybody all the time.

7. Can snorkeling help me to get into the world of scuba diving ?

Yes, it can. In fact many scuba divers have first started their interest into the underwater world when as kids they used to swim around using snorkeling equipment. The interest to see more and discover new places eventually led them to try scuba diving.

8. Do I need to have prior experience to go onto a snorkeling excursion ?

No, If you are relatively or totally in experienced we will be able to combine a Discover Snorkeling Experience with one of our excursions.

9. Is a medical examination required ?

No, a medical examination is not required however as part of the documentation to be filled in before any snorkeling excursion you will also need to complete a medical questionnaire which will determine if you are readily fit to safely go onto a snorkeling adventure or need further examination by a physician.