PADI Discover Snorkeling

This is where it All Starts

The Discover SnorkelingCourse introduces the general public to the underwater world. Since most people can learn to snorkel safely on their own, Discover Snorkeling focuses on providing guidance and assistance while they explore.

What Will You Do:

Snorkeling lessons teach the basics of mask clearing, kicking techniques and snorkel use through in-pool instruction.

2 Options For This PADI Discover Snorkeling Program:

  1. Pool Only - Ideal opportunity if you don’t have time to do a full day trip.
  2. Take the opportunity to visit the beautiful snorkeling sites around Malta

What Do You Need To Start Your Discover Snorkeling Experience:

  • Minimum age 8 years
  • A completed and signed Discover Snorkeling Statement
  • A Desire to see a brand new world

While Snorkeling Doesn’t Require Formal Training, Why Would You Come To Us:

  1. Equipment: We’ll provide you individualized attention and advice when making equipment selections in terms of fit &function.
  2. Experiences: We have years of knowledge about the snorkeling sites around Malta, and can pick a appropriate location according your ability level and weather conditions.
PADI Discover Snorkeling