Scuba Diving

Come for a Dive in our Beautiful Waters

Come join the adventure of scuba diving in Malta and let us be your trusted guides to a memorable diving experience that you will never forget.

Our activities cover the entire spectrum of diving services, starting from Beginner dives and Entry level courses for then progressing with more Advanced and specialized training and also opening the doors to new carriers with the Professional level courses.

Diving excursions run on a daily basis and the sites we visit vary from reefs, to caves and obviously the very popular wrecks.

For Technical & CCR divers we offer a full range of courses, gas fills, excursions and logistical support.

We also have the availability to rent out equipment so you can reduce your weight baggage when travelling or even organize your own dives, with the ability to rent tanks, if you are already familiar with the local dive sites.

For more information visit Scuba Diving Malta website

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