Snorkeling in Malta

Calm Clear Waters Awaiting to be Discovered

The calm and clear waters around the Maltese Islands form the perfect setting to venture out on a snorkeling trip. The several shallow and sheltered bays surrounding the coast offer snorkelers with an opportunity to discover and admire the underwater natural beauties of our local marine wild life.

Thanks to our crystal clear waters you will be ale to admire a whole variety of fish and other inhabitants living around the shallow reefs busy with life and activity.

It is not uncommon to spot Octopus, Cuttlefish or little Moray eels while they try to blend in with their surrounding however due their very effective camouflage you need to have a sharp eye to be able to spot them.

Led by our experienced guides and instructors you will explore the underwater environment in complete safety and enjoyment.

Snorkleing in Malta

This is another good reason why you want to be led by one of our experienced guide during your excursion who will be able to point out to you every inhabitant of the reef and explain to you how the various creature live, feed and interact with each other.

Snorkeling tours can be personalized depending on the individual needs in order to meet your holiday time schedule but booking before hand is necessary.

Banded Sea Bream